Sunday, 8 November 2009

Doctor in charge

Many local people now help Venkat and IRDT. This is our very good Friend Dr Paramasivam who runs a weekly clinic at Mettupalayam on Friday afternoons. This clinic is open to all local people and whilst there is a small charge for any prescriptions, the consultation is free.

Not only do local people benefit, but Rosie was diagnosed with high blood pressure there last year- thank you my friend.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Becky teaching English

We have long been aware that the children's understanding of spoken English is very poor and that they may have a good vocabulary, but are unable to use it very well. We are therefore very lucky that Becky Bell, having decided to take a gap year before university, wanted to go to India to teach for 6 months. Through a contact with a very good Friend, Becky travelled out with me in early October and she is now spending her days working at Mettupalayam School.

In the picture, she is teaching one of the larger classes- I know that the children will pick up spoken English very quickly and look forward to being able to speak more meaningfully with them when I next visit in January.

Thank you Becky- you're a star!