Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Building progress

Now that the foundations are in place, the brickwork is starting to show real progress. Because of severe water shortages following the failure of the South West monsoon, we are having to buy in water. Every day, the building work is using 1000's of litres for concrete.

We are still on target to open the school in October and hope to have both trustee and donor representation at the event.

The wages that we are paying to the workmen and women will have a very real impact in the community- in a poor, rural area, little money comes in from outside the local economy and any additional money circulates around many times, benefiting many people.

Monday, 13 July 2009

local support

For many years, IRDT has been working below the radar of local businesses, being situated in a very rural village, off the main road. However, this has now changed, undoubtedly helped by Venkat's membership of the local Rotary and Lions clubs. His profile has also increased through strong links to the Indian Bank through SHG loans schemes, and also working with UNICEF and the Tamil Government on a village latrine programme.

This last week-end, a local pawnbroker has very kindly donated a whole set of school uniforms, some books and other items to Mettupalayam School- a total of Rps22000 worth (£280). This is a very significant sum in Indian terms, equivalent to a donation in the UK of around £2800!

The local Tamil community do seem to have a strong service ethic, and a strong regard for helping others less fortunate than themselves.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Sunday Lunch

For some time now, we have been able to provide a mid day meal on schooldays to all the old age people in our Mettupalayam area. We are now paying the cook for an extra day each week, buying in additional food and providing a mid day meal on Sundays as well. Gomathi, pictured, is serving the first meals last week. This will cost about an extra £30 each month- a small price to pay to ensure that everyone will be fed. We are also looking at the level of protein that is provided, we may need to supplement this with eggs.