Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Cloth from waste

Organising and supporting womens self help groups (Sanghams) forms a very important part of IRDT's rural development and poverty relief work. A prime example are the groups who have bought cotton waste processing machines and who turn the offcuts from cotton clothing manufacture into re-usable cotton thread. Purchasing the specialist machines with the help of a government grant and a loan from the Indian Bank, this provides the women with a sound weekly income, and employment which they can fit in around their family responsibilities. The photo shows some members of one group at an exhibition in Chennai, explaining and promoting the scheme. IRDT were instrumental in linking the various participants together- the cotton clothing manufacturers, the machine manufacturers, transport, and government and bank officials.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Growing panes!

Following repairs to IRDT's computer, we are now receiving very regular updates on the new Crakehall School building, together with photos. The new form of construction means that the walls are now going up very quickly, with panels being made from concrete poured into formers. Venkat has also been advised that the roof for the whole school will only take 6 days to make, compared to around 20 days using the old methods! Over 30 people are now being employed on site, and the engineer is paying a daily rate of 300 rupees making a significant impact on the cashflow for the villagers.
Opening the new school is scheduled for mid October- there still seems much to be done by then!